Dr. Mark Braverman to Speak on Interfaith Relations and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict at the University of Idaho

This article was written for the October 2011 newsletter by Sally Perrine of the Palouse Peace Coalition and Rula Awwad-Rafferty, University of Idaho Professor of Landscape Architecture

In Fatal Embrace, author Mark Braverman shows how the Jewish quest for safety and empowerment and the Christian endeavor to atone for centuries of anti-Semitism have united to suppress the conversations needed to bring peace.

Internationally renowned psychologist and author Dr. Mark Braverman will visit the Palouse on October 19th, 2011 for a day of reflection, understanding, and engagement. In a series of planned activities with Dr. Braverman—including a free public presentation titled “When Politics Fail”—our communities near and far will come together to ask difficult questions, reexamine possibilities, and connect our local and global concerns and actions. Braverman’s visit is brought about by the Palouse Peace Coalition; the University of Idaho’s Martin Institute, Office of Human Rights Access and Inclusion, and ASUI Student Engagement and Leadership Programs; several local interfaith/human rights groups; and the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS). Below is Dr. Braverman’s bio, followed by details for October 19th.

Mark Braverman is a Jewish American with deep family roots in the Holy Land. He was reared in the Jewish tradition, studying Bible, Hebrew literature, and Jewish history. Braverman trained in clinical psychology and crisis management, and worked with individuals and organizations undergoing traumatic stress. While traveling to Israel/Palestine in 2006 he was transformed by witnessing the occupation of Palestine and by encounters with peace activists and civil society leaders from the Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities. Braverman now devotes himself full-time to writing and speaking in favor of a just peace in Israel/Palestine. Braverman’s work focuses on the role of religious beliefs and theology and the function of interfaith relations in the current search for a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

On October 19, 2011, Dr. Braverman will speak to a general audience on the University of Idaho campus at 7:00pm in the Administration Auditorium. His topic is “When Politics Fail—The Grassroots Movement That Will Bring Peace to Israel/Palestine.” At noon that day, Braverman will join an interfaith gathering at the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Palouse (420 East 2nd Street, Moscow) to discuss the topic “Beyond Interfaith Dialogue: Faith Communities and the Quest for Peace in Israel/Palestine.” Also, Dr. Braverman will facilitate a Civil Discourse Forum sponsored by ASUI Student Engagement and Leadership, addressing the topic “Asking the Hard Questions,” from 4:00pm–5:00pm in the Clearwater Room, University of Idaho Commons (first floor).

Dr. Braverman’s talk and facilitated discussions on the Palouse will be a great opportunity for students, community members, and organizations alike. His work, personal story, depth of knowledge, humane action-oriented approach, and applied diverse expertise will offer a fresh perspective out of a cycle of violence and reaction. His presence will be valuable in helping us understand the issues in Palestine and Israel, as well as their centrality to many pervasive global and local concerns, such as our role in the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, post-traumatic stress disorder related to wars and trauma here and abroad, and the ways in which individuals can support fellow community members and bridge the chasms that divide us. New realities can only be realized when we dare to question, reexamine, and imagine. We thank you for your consideration and look forward to your attendance and participation.

Email Sally Perrine at sperrine@potlatch.com or Rula Awwad-Rafferty at rulaa@uidaho.edu with your questions.

 Visit www.markbraverman.org for Dr. Braverman’s full biography.

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The Northwest Coalition for Human Rights (NWCHR) exists to facilitate connections and communication among organizations and individuals who are engaged in human rights and social justice work in the Northwest region of the United States, with special focus on the Inland Northwest. The coalition, inspired by Bill Wassmuth's former Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment, will give strength to those working at the local level by allowing them to share resources, information, and ideas, as well as making them part of a larger support system. The University of Idaho Office of Human Rights, Access, and Inclusion (HRAI) in Moscow serves as the administrative home for the NWCHR, and the Coalition strives to build strong membership from throughout Idaho and eastern Washington, as well as from other parts of the Northwest region. All are welcome to join NWCHR and give their input.
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