April 9th Teleconference Reminder

We wanted to remind you about the upcoming teleconference for the Northwest Coalition for Human Rights (NWCHR):

Monday, April 9, 2012, 3:30pm to 5:00pm in the Chief’s Room, Student Union Building, University of Idaho, Moscow

NWCHR Teleconference. As our next step towards building the Northwest Coalition for Human Rights and making the group official, we will conduct a teleconference meeting (you are welcome to call-in or attend in person) on April 9th from 3:30pm to 5:00pm to: 1) Develop guiding questions for the next in-person meeting of NWCHR; 2) Take recommendations for the formation of a steering committee.

We hope this teleconference will result in our next in-person meeting in June, after the spring school semester ends but before many people leave for summer travel. Anyone is welcome to participate in the teleconference. We are focusing on encouraging participation from those who attended our inaugural meeting on November 5, 2011, but please extend this announcement to your colleagues who may be interested.

Please email Kristin if you plan to attend in person, or to RSVP for calling-in: kristinc@uidaho.edu. We’ve done our best to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules, and we apologize if this time isn’t convenient. Those who cannot attend or call-in will be welcome to email Kristin with recommendations and comments for discussion beforehand.

About nwchr

The Northwest Coalition for Human Rights (NWCHR) exists to facilitate connections and communication among organizations and individuals who are engaged in human rights and social justice work in the Northwest region of the United States, with special focus on the Inland Northwest. The coalition, inspired by Bill Wassmuth's former Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment, will give strength to those working at the local level by allowing them to share resources, information, and ideas, as well as making them part of a larger support system. The University of Idaho Office of Human Rights, Access, and Inclusion (HRAI) in Moscow serves as the administrative home for the NWCHR, and the Coalition strives to build strong membership from throughout Idaho and eastern Washington, as well as from other parts of the Northwest region. All are welcome to join NWCHR and give their input.
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