NWWSA Annual Conference 2013


Can feminists be funny? Typical reactions to this question would posit no, as many unenlightened folks still visualize feminists as humorless, braless, man-hating militants with shaved heads and unshaven bodies. This narrow and stereotypical view of feminists creates a vast gulf that feminists have to cross in order for much of the public (especially those who are biased against or uneducated about feminism) to view them as potentially sharp, witty, and comedic. This year’s Northwest Women’s Studies Association (NWWSA) Annual Conference, hosted by our own University of Idaho, will be addressing this topic through four consecutive conference sessions, a keynote talk by Andi Zeisler (co-founder of Bitch magazine), and a performance of Carnival Knowledge by Naomi Grossman (actress in the popular television show,American Horror Story: Asylum).

We’re privileged and excited to have this opportunity to host the conference this year, so be sure to register early because there are only approximately 100 spots available! All conference sessions will be presented throughout the day on Saturday April 6th, following the Friday night performance on April 5th of Grossman’s Carnival Knowledge.

For more information about the conference and to register, please visit the Women’s Center Programs and Events site.

Article credit: Beth Ropski, UI Women’s Center blog.

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