NWCHR Listserv

The NWCHR mailing list is for people who want to support human rights work in the Inland Northwest. NWCHR stands for the Northwest Coalition for Human Rights, and the list focuses on members of the Coalition, though anyone may subscribe and/or send emails to the listserv.* NWCHR uses the mailing list to share news, events, questions, educational opportunities, volunteer opportunities, etc. regarding human rights and social justice in our region. To become a member of NWCHR, contact us via nwchr@uidaho.edu, call 208-885-4285, or attend an upcoming meeting.

* * * * *

How to Subscribe:

Subscribe by following this link:


Or you can subscribe by emailing nwchr-request@uidaho.edu with the word “SUBSCRIBE” as the subject.

Once you have subscribed to the listserv, you will receive an email from nwchr-request@uidaho.edu asking you to confirm your subscription. Once you have confirmed by following the instructions in the email, you will receive a welcome email that provides further information about how to manage your subscription.

* * * * *

How to Manage or Cancel Your Subscription:

Manage or cancel your subscription at any time by following this link and entering the password you chose when you subscribed:


You can also manage your subscription by emailing nwchr-request@uidaho.edu with the word “HELP” as the subject. Explain what you would like to do and you will receive an email back with instructions.

* * * * *

How to Send Messages to the Listserv:

To send a message to the listserv, simply send an email to nwchr@uidaho.edu. Your email will be held for approval by the moderator, then, if approved, it will be sent to all subscribers.

Your email address will be listed as the sender, along with nwchr-bounces@uidaho.edu. If a user hits “reply,” their response will be sent only to the original sender. If the user hits “reply all,” their reply will go to the whole mailing list.

* * * * *

* The NWCHR steering committee may choose to change the listserv settings for added privacy in the future.

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