June 9th minutes

The minutes from the June 9th meeting of the Northwest Coalition for Human Rights are now available as a PDF:

Minutes, NWCHR Meeting, Saturday, June 9, 2012

We had a great turnout at Saturday’s meeting of the Northwest Coalition for Human Rights, with twenty-six participants representing two counties in Eastern Washington and five counties in North Idaho. It was a well-sized group for in-depth discussion regarding the Coalition’s mission and structure, which was the goal of the meeting.

Thanks to the active participation and patience of all attendees, the group unanimously approved a mission statement, as well as several purposes for the Coalition. Also, the group voted to mandate an interim steering committee for the summer and early fall, composed of volunteers from diverse locations in the Inland Northwest, to design a structural proposal for the organization—developing guidelines for formation, a charter, by-laws, and a plan for the election of a steering committee, executive committee, or board with a chair and vice chair—for presentation at a Coalition meeting in fall 2012.

The 9-member interim steering committee for NWCHR has volunteers from all counties represented at Saturday’s meeting, with the exception of Idaho County. Likewise, each local human rights task force and city commission in attendance has a volunteer on the committee. There is also one steering committee volunteer representing potential individual members of the Coalition.

Those in attendance on June 9 agreed that an interim steering committee with a mandate to form a structural proposal for the organization will allow the Coalition to move towards official formation while still giving local organizations time to vote on their potential membership in NWCHR. Having volunteers from all the interested human rights task forces and city commissions ensures that the interim steering committee will create a proposal informed by the missions of potential member organizations, with a focus on organizations who do human rights work in their home counties.

Many thanks to everyone who attended Saturday’s meeting, shared ideas, and showed respect for the diversity of opinions and needs that were voiced. As was noted at the end of the meeting, a Coalition is not possible without your participation and patience. And special thanks to Ken Faunce for acting as our moderator and to the Moscow Human Rights Commission for providing our lunch.

There were many people who expressed interest in Saturday’s meeting but could not attend. If you couldn’t attend but have feedback to share, especially after reading the meeting summary later this week, we urge you to email us. We will share your ideas with the interim steering committee. Email Kristin at kristinc@uidaho.edu.

* * * * *

These are the documents that were used at the meeting:

1)      NWCHR Meeting Agenda for June 9, 2012

2)      Recommendations for NWCHR Structure and Steering Committee

3)      NWCHR Survey Results Summary

4)      Application for Group Membership in NWCHR

5)      List of Confirmed and Potential NWCHR Members

6)      RSVP List for June 9 NWCHR Meeting

7)      NWCHR Steering Committee Proposal

* * * * *

Meeting Agenda

11:00am–11:30am: Introductions from everyone in attendance

11:30am–12:00pm: Lunch will be provided with vegetarian options, courtesy of the City of Moscow Human Rights Commission

12:00pm–12:30pm: Overview of online communication options for NWCHR (NWCHR wordpress blog and website, Facebook page, listservs)

12:30pm–12:45pm: Review of results from NWCHR Online Survey: 1) Mission Statement; 2) Purposes of NWCHR; 3) Membership; 4) Steering Committee; 5) Educational Component; 6) Next Meeting of NWCHR

12:45pm: Discussion of topics listed above, with goal of finalizing the Mission Statement, a plan to elect steering committee members, and an overall Plan of Action for the next 6 months (moderated by Ken Faunce, Chair of the Moscow Human Rights Commission). See PDF version of agenda for details.

3:00pm: Meeting concludes. As time allows at the end of the meeting, individuals may introduce new topics or share information about activities in their communities.

* * * * *

Thanks for your interest! Email Kristin with questions: kristinc@uidaho.edu

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