April 9th minutes

The minutes from the teleconference meeting on Monday, April 9th are available through this website as a PDF document.

We had excellent attendance at the meeting, with over twenty people participating in person or on the phone from Moscow, Pullman, Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, Benewah County, and Cottonwood, ID. Participants discussed NWCHR’s in-progress mission statement, a potential formalized structure for the group including a steering or executive committee, and purposes and dates for the next in-person meeting in May or June.

If you were not able to attend but have comments to add once you have read the minutes, please email Kristin at kristinc@uidaho.edu.

Below, please fine email comments regarding the agenda and the minutes (PDF document) that were emailed regarding the April 9th NWCHR Meeting.

* * * * *

Comment 1. Representative for steering committee who offers new media expertise:

I would like to see that the steering committee has someone involved who is a marketing / PR person who has skills in new media / communication methods. One of the biggest challenges we are facing in human rights issues in the northwest is the communication divide between older individuals, who try to continue the work in the same way they always have, and younger individuals, who are not responsive to the methods that may have worked in the past. I think it is critical that we find a way to incorporate all communication styles into the process so that we can reach everyone and not confine ourselves to just one method. I also think that using new media technologies is the only way that we will engage new participants and the broader community as a whole. People are not as willing to come and listen to a speaker at an event anymore – they want a website, a video and quick talking points that they can relate to first before they will come out. Once they have been hooked, they are willing to help and support the cause, but it takes more to engage people in today’s media savvy / “entertain me” society. (Emailed 4/9/2012)

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