November 5th video

The following video of the November 5th NWCHR and Finding the Center meeting was recorded by Moscow Cares. These videos, along with other videos relevant to the Moscow community, are also available on the Moscow Cares YouTube site.

Part 1. Finding the Center: Purpose and Successes (11:00am-12:00pm): Toney Driver gives a brief history of the Finding the Center Conference. Then participants from the April 2011 Conference report on their Action Commitments, which were volunteer efforts in their communities resulting from participation in the Conference.

1a. Finding the Center: Purpose and Successes. Introduction, Toney Driver, Center for Health, Education, and Economic Resources (CHEER). Toney Driver provides an overview of the history of the Finding the Center conference, which has taken place on the University of Idaho campus four times since 2005.


1b. Finding the Center: Purpose and Successes. Campus Conversations at the University of Idaho, Denise Carl, ASUI Student Engagement and Leadership Programs


1c. Finding the Center: Purpose and Successes. Trinity Food Pantry. Bev Bafus, Trinity Baptist Church (on behalf of Chief David Duke)


1d.  Finding the Center: Purpose and Successes. International Parent Night for the Moscow School District. Ellen Magnuson, ESL Teacher for Moscow Schools


1e. Finding the Center: Purpose and Successes. Habitat for Humanity in Yolo County, CA, Megan Kehrein, Senior Sociology major with an emphasis in Inequality and Globalization, University of Idaho


1f. Finding the Center: Purpose and Successes. Stop the Hate Training. Rula Awwad-Rafferty, Department of Art & Architecture Faculty and President’s Diversity Council, University of Idaho; Palouse Peace Coalition; Moscow Human Rights Commission


Part 2. History of the Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment and Human Rights Work in Our Region (12:30pm-1:15pm).

2a. History and Coalition-Building Recommendations: Tony Stewart, Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations. The handout mentioned by Tony at the beginning of his talk, “Three Categories of Non-Governmental Human and Civil Rights Groups in America,” is available for download.


2b. The Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment: Sister Carol Ann Wassmuth, sister of the late Bill Wassmuth


2c. Introduction of a Renewed Coalition for the Northwest: Joann Muneta, Latah County Human Rights Task Force


Part 3. Open Introduction Session (1:15pm-2:00pm).

3a. Open Introduction Session. This video segment includes introductions by Carla Savalli, Executive Director of Odyssey Youth Center of SpokaneNathan Weller, council member of Pullman’s Human Rights Commission; Pat O’Neill, Whitman County Commissioner; and Brenda Hammond, Bonner County Human Rights Task Force


3b. Open Introduction Session. This video segment shows Sarah Owens Williams, a graduate student at Gonzaga University. She describes her project, Globalizing North Idaho: Using Ethnographies to Raise Awareness of Local Diversity, which involves interviewing immigrants, minorities, and others with diverse backgrounds to create materials to be used in classrooms of all ages.


3c. Finally, the microphone was passed from table to table and other members of human rights-related groups introduced themselves.


Part 4. Small Group Discussion: What is the Northwest Coalition for Human Rights? (2:00pm-3:00pm). Meeting attendees were invited to break into small groups by table to discuss the questions:

• What should the mission of the Coalition be?

What do you want from a Coalition?

What do you want to contribute to a Coalition?

A PDF documenting each group’s responses is available: PDF of Group NWCHR Responses

A PDF summarizing the opinions and ideas expressed in the meeting overall, including a mission statement based on the Small Group Discussion session, as well as recommendations for the Coalition’s next steps, is also available: PDF of NWCHR Meeting Consensus

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